taśma transportowa syntetyczna
tasma transportowa syntetyczna 1tasma transportowa syntetyczna 2tasma transportowa syntetyczna 3tasma transportowa syntetyczna 4tasma transportowa ze zbierakamitasma transportowa ze zbierakami1tasma transportowa ze zbierakami2tasma transportowa ze zbierakami3

Conveyor belts, synthetic


Product Description

Conveyor belts, because of their characteristics, are widely used in many industries. We offer a tape made of PVC, PU and other plastics. Synthetic conveyor belts are highly resistant to temperature, oil, chemicals and abrasion. They are antistatic, fireproof and stable, provide low noise emission. The combination of different types of materials and structures causes the strap may be used in a variety of ways, including for oblique transport, transport arc buffered transport, stacking and separation, transport the food industry (strip with certificates).
The tapes have a smooth surface in gloss / matte surface or structure on the carrier or the running (traditional overlay type, for example. Called. “Wafer”). There is a possibility of equipment belts with additional accessories, such as the transverse profiles (entrainment), side profile, sideboards, ruffles, leading wedges, perforations, etc. Tapes are found in a wide range of colors. They can be cut to any length and width and bonded mechanically with adhesive or a weld. Tapes are also present in endless form.

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