taśma transportowa gumowa 2
taśma transportowa gumowa

Rubber conveyor belts


Product Description

Conveyor belts rubber wieloprzekładkowe are composed of spacers Fabric polyamide or polyamide-polyamide (combined with rubber core) and a rubber cover. Due to the type of applied cover tape can be used inter alia for the transport of bulk materials, high temperature materials or materials containing organic or mineral oils. The offer also includes a tape Fabric rubber, consisting of three spacers rubbered, polyester-polyamide, joined permanently in the vulcanization process, and covered on the outside with a layer of rubber.
Conveyor belts of rubber present in the version of the endless and open, may also be joined mechanically by means of clips. We tape with a smooth surface and the structure on the carrier. There is also the possibility of equipping the tapes with additional accessories, such as entrainment, leading wedges, side ruffles, etc.

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