Product Description

Suction-transmission hose. It finds a number of uses in the wood and furniture industries: it is suitable for gravity and pneumatic transport of solid, liquid and gaseous media with high friction (powders, chips, sawdust, granules, glass elements, slurries, sludge, etc.), conduction of cold and hot air And oil mist and chemical vapors. It can also be used for dust extraction in the ceramic and sand and gravel industries and as a hose for cleaning machines.


• High abrasion resistance
• lightweight, flexible
• Increased temperature resistance
• resistant to bending, tearing and stretching forces
• transparent
• inside smooth
• notched from the outside
• good chemical resistance
• reinforced with spring steel galvanized wire
• Flame retardant according to UL94


• wall thickness: 0.7 mm
Available diameters: 20mm – 500mm
• length: 20m
• operating temperature: -30 ° C ÷ + 104 ° C
• Abrasion coefficient: 30 mm³
• flammability class: V-II

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